Australian authorities will be using Little Ripper drones to help spot and repel shark attacks.

The Australian government will have a new help in watching out and trying to prevent shark attacks on its beaches. Starting next month, authorities will also be relying on Little Ripper drones, ones that will be using artificial intelligence for surveillance techniques.

Little Ripper Drones to Be Used for Surveillance and Help

Little Ripper drones are designed to stay afloat for two and a half hours at a time. They will be using on board cameras to monitor the waters and beaches of Australia. The data gathered will then be forwarded to artificial intelligence-based networks.

These will then use image recognition to differentiate between the photos. In doing so, they will try and decipher the presence of sharks in the water. Humans will nonetheless have the last word in case of rescue operations.

Besides spotting the predators, these drones will also be equipped to try and repel them. They might also aid rescuers through its onboard equipment.

These Little Ripper drones will come equipped with a repellant, that, in case of an attack, will be dispelled so as to keep a shark at bay in the event of an attack. This solution should give enough time for the rescuers to intervene.

Also, they will be carrying GPS beacons, for a quicker find, and inflatable rafts. The drones should be 90 percent accurate in spotting and identifying sharks.

“It’s not about replacing human beings all together, it’s about assisting human beings to get the work done in a better way with more accuracy. That’s what the application is meant for,” said one of the researchers associated with the project, Dr. Nabin Sharma.

The drones will also be useful in spotting whales, dolphins, and other sea creatures. In watching them, they will also be providing scientists with research data.

According to reports, flying the Little Ripper drones will also be less expensive than using helicopters for surveillance reasons.

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