Printers aren’t the most exciting technology out there, but
they’re like toothbrushes: Everybody needs one, even in 2017.
And until Saturday—or supplies sell out—you can get a great
deal on a
Dell C17690nw color laser printer at Staples, which is

offering it for $75. That’s a much better price than you’ll
find elsewhere, as Dell lists this printer for $200 and Newegg
has it for $150.

Even though this laser printer is color, don’t expect it to do
a great job on photos. The appeal of a laser printer is that it
creates sharp, crisp text with some basic visual elements. If
you need a printer for photos, this device is not for you.

This Dell printer also isn’t for anyone who needs a
multi-function printer. There’s no scanner, fax, or copier
functions in this machine. As for the printer itself, it prints
at 1200 dpi, and can print up to 30,000 pages a month. It’s
network ready with ethernet and Wi-Fi b/g/n built-in, and Dell
offers an app for Android and iOS if you want to print from
your smartphone.

Overall, this printer is favorably regarded, but there are a
few minor issues. The most common user complaint is that the
paper is exposed to the air, since there’s no interior tray.
That’s hardly a unique problem for a home/small office printer,
but it does mean the top pages in the stack will collect dust
if they sit there too long.


[ Today’s
deal: Dell C17690nw color laser printer for $75 at
Staples ]

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