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Just before the bad guys show up.
Photo: STX Entertainment

So this is weird.A guy wakes up with no memory of who he or who the beautiful scientist nearby are. She tells him his name is Henry and that she’s his wife. Then she outfits his cyborg body with a super strong hand and other embellishments.Then the bad guys break in and steal her.

Sounds like a video game right? Well, it’s actually the start of a new live-action movie called Hardcore Henry. The entire thing is shot in first-person perspective like something out of Call of Duty if it were directed by Dr. Strangelove.

Check out the bizarre trailer below, chock full of Sharlto Copley, utterly bonkers action stunts, that Queen song that rocked Shaun of the Dead, and a voiceless, faceless main character who stands-in for the audience, just like in a video game.

[embedded content]

The trailer premiered on Twitch, no less, the video gaming streaming website that’s the de facto standard for gamers watching other gamers play games. The film itself took People’s Choice Midnight Madness Award at the Toronto Film Festival last year, making it an indie favorite.

Written and directed by Ilya Naishuller, Hardcore Henry should release April 8 to theaters everywhere.

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