Apple today launched a new iPhone 7 video series
entitled “How to Shoot on iPhone 7,” featuring a range of
tutorial videos that it’s uploaded both to a new
website and to its YouTube channel.

There are five videos on YouTube, which are designed to teach
iPhone 7 and 7 Plus owners how to use the camera on their
devices to capture various types of photos, including
panoramas, portraits, action shorts, and more.

Each video is approximately 40 seconds in length and features a
clear step-by-step tutorial on how to use each feature directly
on the iPhone. For the Portrait Mode video, for example, step 1
is swiping over to Portrait Mode, while Step 2 is looking for
the depth effect tag before taking the shot.

All of the videos are super simple and are going to be most
useful for people who don’t often use the camera or who haven’t
invested a lot of time in learning the features. Each video is
just one or two steps, covering readily available photo features.
The most complicated video, for example, covers taking a vertical

Apple’s “How to Shoot
on iPhone 7” website has a much wider range of videos, all of
which might eventually be uploaded to YouTube.

The videos on Apple’s website are more specific and could be
useful even to those who are familiar with the iPhone camera,
as they contain tips like shooting at the golden hour for the
best light, shooting a backlit subject, capturing a group
portrait, shooting with street light, capturing a unique angle,
and many more.

Update: More of the videos on the iPhone 7 tutorial site
have now been uploaded to Apple’s
YouTube channel.

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